Mike dirnt would look good in a toga.....

actually...hed probably look good in nothing....

Toga Party with Mike Dirnt!
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ok..in this community, obviously its about mike dirnt..if you hadnt figured that out already..so we will be talking about mike dirnt..or green day if you wish..but please do not start talking about some other band...and if you dont like green day or mike dirnt..FUCK OFF!..ok..cuz we dont want your types here!..but anyway...you can say any of the members of green day are as hott as much as you want...you can also post about upcoming events..like touring..and concerts...well..that about sums it up! Please join...i need members...whats a community..with out members...

ok..heres some basic info on mike.

FULL NAME: Michael Ryan Pritchard
Birth day: May 4, 1972
Birth place: Berkeley, Ca
uhh..ill post some more later..but at the moment..i dont have time
Ltes see..he met Billie Joe in Fifth grade
They started their first band ..which was called Sweet Children